The Research Unit of Technologies of Information and Communication (UTIC), created since 2000 in the High School of Sciences and Technologies of Tunis (ESSTT) of the University of Tunis. One of its main research areas is the Grid Computing. Founder of TNGrid project.

Centre de calcul Khawarezmi (CCK) : Since 1997, the CCK watched the implementation and the development of the University National Network and Search, and over Internet services for the sector of the scientific higher education and scientific research, mainly it is one of the pioneers in the conception and the implementation of network architectures and innovative applications.

The Computer Science lab of the Paris-Nord University (LIPN)is associated to the CNRS (UMR 7030). The LIPN researches deal with automatisation around the strong axes of Combinatorics, Combinatorial Optimization, Fundamental Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. These works are especially based on competences in Algorithmics, Logic, Natural Language, and Machine Learning.